A couple of new items in my ongoing attempts to make like Amway and be everywhere. First, I just got back from MSNBC studios, where I spent a couple of minutes talking to Tamron Hall about the defeat of the personhood amendment in Mississippi:

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For more on the personhood situation, please check out this week's podcast, which was what led MSNBC to contact me. I maintain, as I said on the show, that they're trying to do more than just pass laws with this whole personhood situation. It's also about shifting the discussion to the right, to make "lesser" restrictions on abortion seem moderate in comparison. 

I'm also thrilled to have a piece with Reuters today about the Herman Cain situation, which I compare to the DSK rape situation, and wonder if the allure of the "nutty, slutty gold-digger" slur is wearing off:

Cain and his supporters are following the script as closely as they can. At first, they had few options, since the public had no information about the accusers beyond the fact that the two had settlements with the National Restaurant Association. But once Sharon Bialek stepped forward, Cain’s defenders had a target, and therefore a chance to change the subject from the evidence against Cain to accusations of nuttiness, sluttiness, and gold-digging against Bialek.

One thing we know is this isn't going to just slip away as easily as Cain clearly hopes. 

And I have to link this post I wrote for XX Factor, simply because this story made my morning. It's about the greatest robocall possibly ever, and how it says more about the people who made it than about the candidate it was attempting to slur, or the "homosexuals" being brought in as weapons.