The political satirist who led the charge against Texas Gov. Rick Perry's bizarre "Strong" advertisement is back, and seemingly delighted that Iowans basically wanted nothing to do with the guy.

This time, instead of mocking Perry's bizarre claim that President Barack Obama is waging a "war on religion," Cobb went after Perry's allegation that a higher power had ordered him to run for the nation's highest office -- seemingly contradicted by the rebuke dealt to him by Iowa voters on Tuesday night.

"Well, well, well, where's your God now, Rick Perry?" Cobb asked, still wearing the infamous jacket from "Brokeback Mountain" that Perry donned for his ad.

"Prayer doesn't work!" he concluded.

"I'm a godless heathen, but I've taken shits that could break 10 percent in Iowa," a fake disclosure line declared.

This video is from YouTube, published Jan. 5, 2012.