When 76-year-old finance CEO John K. Castle went to the posh Club Colette in Palm Beach, Florida last Saturday night, he naturally expected the very best. But when his expectations weren't met to the exact letter, he allegedly snapped -- more than just figuratively speaking.

According to a police report scooped by ABC News, Paul Kucik, Castle's waiter on the evening of Jan. 7,  made a mistake when he brought the bill to Castle's table at the end of his meal. He was instead supposed to just put it on Castle's account and not mention it.

The minor misstep so enraged Castle, who heads the New York-based private equity firm Castle Harlan, Inc., that he allegedly grabbed the 54-year-old waiter's left hand and began twisting his fingers, even as Castle's wife sat watching.

The police report alleges that Castle shouted at Kucik: "You schmuck, why did you bring the bill to the table?"

Kucik, who claims Castle's wife actually requested the check, went to a doctor the next day for an X-ray, later telling police that his left ring finger was broken. He has not yet pressed charges.

Castle had not responded to Raw Story's request for comment at time of this story's publication.

Update: A Raw Story reader alerted us to a "lifetime achievement" video chronicling Castle's career that's available on YouTube. It's embedded below for interested viewers.

Photo credit: Flickr user through my eyes. Right: Castle Harlan, Inc. CEO John K. Castle, courtesy CastleHarlan.com.