Conservative radio host Bryan Fischer believes there's a simple solution for those infected with the AIDS virus: simply stop having sex and God will make it all go away.

Fischer said on his "family" radio program this week that instead of researching a cure for AIDS, scientists should begin following his message.

"If you’re a man, stop using poppers," he said, according to liberal advocacy group Right Wing Watch. "Stop having sex with other men, and don’t shoot up. The beauty of that solution is that it doesn’t require billions and billions of dollars."

But he didn't stop there.

"We really don't know what kind of recuperate powers God may have built into the human body," he said. "The body maybe able to restructure and restore its capacity -- its immunological capacity -- if we stop subjecting it to all these harmful behaviors. Other words, if you stop shooting up, or you stop inhaling these nitrates, you stop having random sex with mistresses or total strangers, your body may begin to heal."

"God has worked some amazingly powerful recuperate powers into the human body, and it's time that we gave them the opportunity to work."

Fischer, who is apart of the socially conservative American Family Association, has made a litany of controversial statements, especially towards the LGBT community. He previously claimed "every homosexual represents a heightened security risk", as well as believing gay sex amounted to "domestic terrorism."

WATCH: Video from Youtube, which was published on January 18, 2012.