The site has been successfully upgraded to the newest version of our content management platform (ExpressionEngine, if anyone's interested). Additionally, the following changes have been made:

  • Sidebar links now link to the comments page of the entry, not the old (and defunct) "permalink" page without comments.

  • Since the "permalink" page is defunct across the whole site, links to it have been removed from posts and such. Old links will still work; those pages still exist. We're just not going to show them anymore, because the comments page is the permalink.

  • Contact links in the left column now actually work! The proprietors' email addresses are obfuscated to prevent spam, but humans should be able to use them as ordinary mailto: links.

  • I've cleaned up yet another largish batch of spam members. (If you can't log in to comment, I might have caught you by mistake; please use the email address below to let me know and I'll get you reinstated ASAP!)

  • The ability to comment on entries now expires after 30 days. This keeps spam from piling up on entries from 2007, while still providing a long window of time for people to have a conversation.

  • The comment form now has a set of buttons for formatting! It's fairly rudimentary, not WYSIWYG, but it should help with some of the blockquote-fails and italics-fails that people run into. (Note that the underscore button outputs <ins> tags, which isn't strictly speaking semantically correct. However, it's a system limitation, until I come up with a better workaround.)

If you run into any issues with the site, please feel free to email at any time (another obfuscated-to-prevent-spam-but-readable-by-humans address!)

Again, more changes are coming, so don't be alarmed if things get a little wonky occasionally (especially late at night, which is when I tend to handle technical stuff!)