The co-founder of the yogurt chain Pinkberry is facing serious legal trouble after being accused by police of assaulting a homeless man.

According to The Los Angeles Times, 47-year-old Young Lee was arrested Monday evening by local authorities at the Los Angeles International Airport.

Lee's arrest stems from a June 2011 incident on the Hollywood Freeway, when he was stopped at a light and saw a man walking towards his car begging for money.

Accompanied by one other person in his car, Lee proceeded to chase down the impoverished man. According to Los Angeles Police Capt. Paul Vernon, they used a tire iron to "beat him down."

"This case is emblematic of how the homeless are among the most vulnerable in our society," Vernon said.

Bail for Lee was set at $60,000, although it is unclear whether he was released.

Lee, who was formally a kick boxer before turning to architecture, co-founded Pinkberry with Shelly Hwang in 2005.

Photo credit: Flickr user Sunshine City.