All known copies of a sexually explicit videotape featuring former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards and his mistress Rielle Hunter will be destroyed, according to ABC News.

Hunter had fought a two-year long court battle with former Edwards’ aide Andrew Young and his wife Cheri for allegedly stealing her “personal and private” videotape. They allegedly took the videotape from her former rental home in North Carolina.

But the Youngs claimed they found the tape while packing boxes in a home where Hunter briefly lived with them.

The case was settled out of court on Thursday.

Under the terms of the settlement, if other copies of the tape surface they are to be destroyed as well. A number of intimate photos of Hunter and her daughter will also be returned to her.

Edwards was indicted on June 3 on six felony charges for allegedly using campaign money to cover up his affair and resulting child with Hunter. If he did use donor money to hide the extramarital affair during his 2008 presidential campaign, he is in violation of Federal Election Commission rules. Edwards has admitted that he and Hunter had a child, but insists that he did not break the law.

Edwards’ attorneys have said that the case against him is politically motivated.

The trial had been scheduled to start in January, but has been delayed until at least March 26 because Edwards requires treatment for a serious heart condition.