China Monday rejected US accusations that Beijing and Moscow were responsible for protecting the Syrian regime, after they vetoed a UN resolution condemning Damascus for its crackdown on protests.

"China does not accept the accusations" of the United States on the Syrian veto, foreign ministry spokesman Liu Weimin told reporters.

"China does not have its own selfish interest on the issue of Syria. We don't shelter anyone. We uphold justice on the Syrian issue," he added.

China and Russia blocked the UN Security Council resolution on Saturday -- the second time they have used a double veto on Syria since the start of violence in the Middle Eastern state a year ago -- triggering an international outcry.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday the veto, which had the support of the 13 other Security Council members and was backed by the Arab League, was a "travesty."

"Those countries that refused to support the Arab League plan bear full responsibility for protecting the brutal regime in Damascus," she told reporters.

The veto came just hours after troops in the Syrian city of Homs reportedly killed hundreds of civilians overnight in some of the worst violence since March, bringing to over 6,000 the number of dead in the crackdown, opposition groups say.