In a segment Tuesday night, Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert managed to combine super PAC political spending with a clever Star Wars analogy, converting President Barack Obama into "Darth 'Bama" by wooing him with "the power of the green side."

Donning a cloak and hood during a segment about how he was recently mocked by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Colbert noted that the president has recently embraced super PAC financing in order to properly compete with Republicans in the upcoming election.

"Ah!" he began. "Welcome, young PAC-walker. Feel the power of the green side. Embrace your destiny. Join me and together, we will rule the galaxy... for four years. After that it will be somebody else, maybe Hillary. But in the mean time... The galaxy! You are now... Darth 'Bama!"

Although the president and his Democratic allies have embraced super PAC campaigning, Obama has also said he supports a constitutional amendment to ban the practice forever.

This video was broadcast by Comedy Central on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012.