Three students were expelled from their elementary schools in Fresno, California Saturday afternoon for attempting to harm their teacher with rat poison in her coffee and cupcake's icing.

According to KFSN-TV, the three students have been transferred from Balderas Elementary to other schools, with two being placed at a community day school named The Phoenix Academy, which regularly enrolls expelled students.

However, one teacher at the academy shared his colleagues' outrage over the new student arrivals.

"I want a clear message sent to those students," said teacher David Cross. "And I don't care if you don't have any prior disciplinary issues. You executed a plan to commit bodily injury on an adult, on a teacher, and we're not going to tolerate that."

The three students, ages ten and eleven, went ahead with the plan in mid-December. One of the students, uneasy over what could happen, knocked away the coffee cup from his teacher right before she was to begin drinking.

When the school district became aware of the incident, disciplinary action was taken against the students. However, no criminal charges were filed against them.

"I believe the police should press criminal charges against these students," Cross said. "They've openly admitted they've done it."

WATCH: Video from KFSN-TV, which was broadcast on February 25, 2012.