Returning from his vacation, Jon Stewart on Monday analyzed the controversy surrounding new U.S. Department of Health and Human Services regulations on contraceptives.

Catholic bishops have accused Obama of waging a war on religion because of a White House plan to require most insurance plans to cover birth control.

"Yes, we are men of God, that money must not be used for contraception," Stewart said, mocking the bishops. "That money has been set aside for out of court alter boy settlements and of course some priest relocations."

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has decried the proposed rule, but the media has simply reported that "many Catholics" are against it.

"Seriously, a firestorm among many Catholics? Or the old dudes who run it?" Stewart then asked.

He went on to mock Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum for complaining that Obama was trying to impose his values on others, playing clips of Santorum calling for the U.S. to implement laws based on Christian doctrines.

"Got it, so in the American system of government, you're saying we should all be free to live by Christian law," Stewart said.

Watch video, courtesy of Mediaite, below: