The Daily Show host Jon Stewart on Wednesday turned his attention to the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act, or STOCK Act.

The legislation that prohibits lawmakers and their staff from trading stocks based on information they learn during congressional briefings and related work, closing a loophole that allowed them to violate laws that applied to all other Americans.

"Yes, Congress should follow the same laws as everybody else," Stewart said. "I think that was part of the No Shit Sherlock Act of 2000 and Always."

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's (R-VA) version of the legislation does not include a provision that requires political intelligence consultants to register like lobbyists, because, Cantor explained, "think of the word political intelligence, there is so much question about what that even means."

Stewart mocked opposition to the provision, saying lawmakers suddenly "all sounded like English professors."

"Well, umm, that sentence, what does it mean to you?"

Watch video, courtesy of Mediaite, below: