A group of LGBT activists protested against an Iowa church Sunday morning after the church posted the message "Gay is not Okay" on its marquee earlier in the week.

According to The Des Monies Register, over a hundred people lined up outside of the Fort Des Moines Church of Christ carrying rainbow flags and signs expressing their anger. Some protesters actually went inside and heard the sermon, which condemned same-sex love.

Patrick Boltinghouse, 28, who took the picture of the controversial marquee sign and posted it online, said he didn't organize the protests but wanted to express his feelings.

“For someone to say ‘Gay is not OK’ is pushing kids more in the closet,” he told The Des Monies Register. “We’re in the 21st Century. You’d think that gays could be part of humanity.”

WATCH: Video from The Des Monies Register, which was published on February 12, 2012.