Fox Business host Lou Dobbs warned Tuesday that a movie adaptation of Dr. Seuss' children's book The Lorax was indoctrinating children against big industry. Another movie, the animated Japanese film The Secret World of Arrietty, he derided for allegedly encouraging children to borrow things.

He claimed the movies were "demonizing the 1 percent and espousing the virtue of green energy policy."

In Dr. Seuss' book, the Lorax speaks for the trees "for the trees have no tongues" and warns the greed-driven Once-ler against cutting down trees “just as fast as he please” because “business is business and business must grow regardless of crummies in tummies you know." The Once-ler ends up living in the ruins of his big empty factory.

After playing a series of clips in which Obama calls for the wealthy to pay their fair share, Dobbs said that the "president's liberal friends" in Hollywood were trying to sell his agenda to a younger demographic using animated movies.

Watch video, courtesy of the Fox Business Network, below: