Updated, below -- A Democratic state Representative from Louisiana has put forward an unusual proposal: renaming the Gulf of Mexico to "Gulf of America."

House Bill 150 (PDF), put forward by Rep. Steve Holland (D), was first spotted by the Best of New Orleans blog. It's being considered by the House Marine Resources Committee, and would take effect on July 1 if it is passed.

"For all official purposes within the State of Mississippi, the body of water that is located directly south of Hancock, Harrison and Jackson Counties shall be known as the 'Gulf of America,'" it reads.

The odd proposal led the blog to wonder whether whether the idea came from Holland. Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert, they noted, proposed in 2010 the Gulf be renamed, saying, "We broke it, we bought it."

Contacted by Raw Story, one of Holland's aides said he was not available for comment.

Update, 4:50 p.m. EST: Holland told an NBC affiliate after this story was published that his bill is actually not serious, but a misunderstood joke meant to mock Republicans' anti-immigration measures.

This video was broadcast by Comedy Central on June 7, 2010.

(H/T: Talking Points Memo)

Photo: Flickr user utahwildflowers.