The Maine Democratic Party on Wednesday hailed their victory in the state Senate District 20 special election as a repudiation of the Republican's agenda.

Democrat Chris Johnson won the special election on Tuesday against Republican Dana Dow.

The district has been controlled by Republicans since 2004, when it was reapportioned.

"Last night's victory was a repudiation of the Republicans and their out of touch agenda," said Ben Grant, chairman of the Maine Democratic Party. "Right now Mainers are worried about jobs, putting food on the table and keeping money in their pockets. After a year of Republican control they realize that Democrats are the ones ready to take on those concerns."

Republicans currently control the state’s House and Senate.

"Our base is energized and eager to take back the House and Senate so we can get to work on the real concerns facing Mainers," Grant said. "It's becoming clear to voters that only one party cares about working families, only one party is working to put more money in to the pockets of middle-class families, only one party defends our most vulnerable, and only one party has your back and that's the Democratic Party."

Photo credit: Julia Ess