I'm traveling around Kansas for 3 days, doing various speaking gigs; if you're in Kansas and can come to one of them, here's the schedule. As you can imagine, blogging will be light. But that doesn't mean there isn't content for you to read/listen to.

Podcasts: Reality Cast this week is pretty great. I talk about the contraception debacle and the surging misogyny of the campaign season. You can also listen to Opinionated, with me and Samhita Mukhopadhyay. We talk about Chris Brown and Whitney Houston, though unsurprisingly, we have very different opinions of them. 

Speaking of Whitney Houston, I published a piece at The American Prospect about why her story fascinates us. 

Also, I'm happy with this post on anti-vaccination idiots at XX Factor. I got responses from some of them, which can be summed up as, "I don't have a superiority complex! It's just that my special snowflake of a child is too good for common vaccinations." 

If you actually bothered to celebrate Valentine's Day and are currently stewing in the near-inevitable disappointment of frustrated expectations, I highly recommend cheering yourself up by reading Occupy Valentine's Day. And next year, do what I do: pretend that there's just two February 13s in a row.