A university in central Pennsylvania is not just selling snacks or drinks out of their vending machine: they're selling the "morning after" pill as well.

According to The Associated Press, the health center at Shippensburg University is selling Plan B pills for $25 out of the vending machine, after a request from the student association.

Shippensborg spokesperson Peter Gigliotti said that the pill is available to anyone 17 or older after the school made sure all of their students were at least the minimum age.

"The machine is in a private room in our health center, and the health center is only accessible by students," Gigliotti told The Associated Press. "In addition, no one can walk in off the street and go into the health center. Students proceed to a check-in desk located in the lobby and after checking in are granted access to the treatment area."

Plan B, the emergency contraception pill, typically costs about $50 for a single pack. The $25 price is actually a discount, set based on what the school pays to the pharmaceutical company providing the pills.

Last December, President Barack Obama supported the Health and Human Services' decision to prevent teens from purchasing the pill over the counter without prescription after the Food and Drug Administration approved it.

Plan B has been ruled safer than aspirin and can prevent a pregnancy for up to three days after conception.

Photo credit: michaelcrane123