China on Sunday called on the Syrian government and other "parties concerned" to cease all acts of violence and seek a peaceful resolution to the crisis, Xinhua reported, citing the Chinese foreign ministry.

The state news agency said the ministry had released a statement, attributed to an unnamed official, calling for dialogue between the regime and those expressing "political aspirations".

"In the statement, the leading official urges the Syrian Government and parties concerned to immediately, fully, and unconditionally cease all acts of violence, particularly violence against innocent civilians," Xinhua reported.

The statement added that China, which has twice joined Russia in blocking UN Security Council condemnation of the Damascus regime's deadly crackdown of an 11-month uprising, did not support outside interference in the Middle Eastern state, Xinhua said.

"China does not approve of armed interference or pushing for 'regime change' in Syria, and believes that use or threat of sanctions does not help to resolve this issue appropriately," the anonymous official was quoted as saying.

"We oppose anyone to interfering in Syria's internal affairs under the pretext 'humanitarian' issues," the official was reported to have added.