Good morning! I'm still at SXSW and so blogging is slow, but I thought I'd check in share some stuff with you, as well as invite you to Panda Party. I've seen a lot of awesome bands so far, but the biggest is probably Gossip. 

The good news is that it was a tiny venue (maybe 150 people?), and so an experience you don't often get with them. Beth was amazing, as usual, and returned to old school form in that she's still stripping down to her skivvies and daring you to take issue with it. The bad news is they're really pushing their new stuff, which just isn't as good as their first three albums. But the crowd seemed to like it, so who am I?

I've gotten some writing done, believe it or not! "Community" returned last night, and here's my piece on why we deserve closure, as fans. "Portlandia" also finished out its season, and I responded by saying that the show demonstrates that tedious hipster-bashing is finally not hip. Embrace the cool! Orrin Hatch is taking swipes at hipsters now, which means hipster-bashing is what it was always meant to be: snottiness by the jealous and the conservative against the hip and the liberal. The response I've received suggests that there are still some bitter geeks who want to feel cool by bashing hipsters, but I've always found this behavior a bit strange. After all, most people that get labeled "hipster" were geeks in a former life, which is why the byways of the modern hipster are similar to those of geeks: blogs, social networking, obsessiveness. Perhaps it's the similarity that causes the hate.

Here are some great bands I've seen so far:

Hope to see more of the same!