Pastor Bill Ledbetter of Fairview Baptist Church delivered a devotional to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in early March in which he said the September 11 terrorist attacks were the result of the United States abandoning God.

Ledbetter began his devotional by claiming that the United States was founded as a Christian nation.

"When our forefathers ratified the Constitution's Bill of Rights, God entered into a covenant and he has blessed us beloved like no other country on earth," he told the legislators.

But Ledbetter warned that America had "thrown God out" and was now teaching children that "they are an advanced mutatations of a baboon."

"If you'll study your Bible, there's a pattern that God has when he relates to a nation," he said. "Listen to me for a moment, I know it's difficult. Just stay with me for a moment.

"You know September 11th, 2001? Plunderers attacked our nation. And if you'll study that word, plunderers, in Judges 2:5-18, you'll see that it means that God removed his hand and gave us into the hands of plunderers -- people of an evil countenance and a wicked heart. Is it not true that God spoke to us on September the 11th, 2001?"

Ledbetter also suggested that Hurricane Katrina, which devastated New Orleans in 2005, was an act of God.

The Oklahoma House opens each session with a prayer and regularly hosts a “chaplain of the week.” Ledbetter was invited by Republican state Rep. George Faught.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube on March 8, 2012, below:

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