Democrats are not pleased that Russell Pearce, the chief architect Arizona’s controversial immigration law, plans to run for the state Senate again after being ousted by a recall election last year.

"Several months ago, the voters of Russell Pearce's conservative District 18 rejected his extremist, divisive brand of politics in the historic recall election that led to his dismissal in disgrace from the Arizona Legislature, making Pearce the first sitting Senate President to be recalled from office," Luis Heredia, Executive Director of the Arizona Democratic Party, said. "

"This watershed moment demonstrated that even in traditionally conservative areas like Mesa, the Republican Party's extremist Tea Party agenda is no longer in step with the views and values of mainstream conservatives."

Pearce plans to represent Arizona's District 25, provoking a primary battle with incumbent Republican Sen. Rich Crandall.

In January, Pearce was elected to be vice chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.

Republican candidate Jerry Lewis defeated Pearce in an unprecedented recall election in November 2011. The group Citizens for a Better Arizona forced the election in July after collecting 10,365 signatures.

[Image via Gage Skidmore]