Wisconsin State Senator Pam Galloway, one of the three Republicans facing recall elections later this year, said Friday that she would be resigning soon due to a series of sudden health problems in her family, according to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"After a great deal of thought and consideration, I've decided to put the needs of my family first," she said in prepared remarks. "My family has experienced multiple, sudden and serious health issues, which require my full attention. Unfortunately, this situation is not compatible with fulfilling my obligations as state Senator or running for re-election at this time."

Her resignation, which has not yet taken effect, will leave the state Senate evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

Just one year ago, Senate Republicans had a 19-14 majority, allowing them to pass virtually anything in the face of unified Democratic opposition. After a series of recall elections, Democrats narrowed that minority to 17-16.

Following Galloway's announcement, the partisan divide of Wisconsin's senate will shift to an even 16-16 tie, effectively putting the chamber into gridlock until the recall elections later this year, during which voters will effectively decide which party controls the state's government.

A judge recently set June 5 as the recall date for Gov. Scott Walker (R), contingent upon a Democratic primary taking place May 8.

Photo of Wisconsin state capitol building by Flickr user pinchof. Composite by Stephen C. Webster.