A 700-pound cow has been spared and sent to the farm after escaping from the slaughterhouse and running down New Jersey highways.

The cow was hit twice by police vehicles during its escape run, then was finally caught after police shot it twice with tranquilizers. The cow is now healthy and lives on Woodstock Farms Animal Sanctuary, where it has been named Mike Jr., after "uber-volunteer" Mike Stura, a volunteer who asked Woodstock to take the cow in.

"All of a sudden I saw a cow running across the street and being chased by police and all, and I said, well I think we have to try and do something about that," Stura told Fox and Friends Saturday.

Woodstock learned that the after the cow had been captured, it had been transferred to another slaughterhouse, not the "farm" news reports promised. Stura, who has "show mercy for animals" tattooed on his arms, convinced owners to release the cow to Woodstock, which assures, "He will never end up at the end of a fork!"

Watch the video, broadcast on Fox and Friends on April 14:

Watch the video, broadcast by NBC 4 New York and uploaded to YouTube by Woodstock farms on April 11:

Photo of happy cow via R. Fassbind / Sutterstock