In this Funny or Die video, child stars of the '80s and '90s speak out as one to oppose the homophobic, bigoted statements of their former friend and coworker, Kirk Cameron.  Cameron has made something of a second career for himself as an anti-gay evangelical crusader.

In the video, former cast members of "The Parent ‘Hood," "Mr. Belvedere," "The Hogan Family" and "Step by Step" announce that they have formed the group Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron (CCOCK), to counter what they see as Cameron's message of intolerance for people he grew up and worked with all his life.  It is impossible, they say, to be a child star and not be dressed, styled or made up by a gay man or lesbian at some point.  It's just how life in show business is.

So Kirk, they urge, lighten up.  Don't be a dick.  Be a CCOKC.

Watch the Funny or Die video, which premiered yesterday, April 12, embedded below: