A deadly series of thunderstorms ravaged the Dallas/Ft. Worth area on Tuesday afternoon, with at least two tornado sightings in east Dallas and near Forth Worth.

As the afternoon wore on, more emergency warnings were issued across both Dallas and Tarrant counties, as three massive super-cells passed over the densely populated metro area.

Dramatic footage taken earlier in the afternoon showed a tornado in Tarrant county literally flinging 18 wheeler tractor trailers hundreds of feet into the air.

Local media said that DFW airport was shut down amid reports of golf ball sized hail and high winds, but those reports evolved as the afternoon went on into alerts of baseball sized hail and devastating wind gusts throwing around dangerous debris. Some early reports also claimed several people had been injured, but those details were still scarce.

A live video from WFAA in Dallas follows below.

Photo: Shutterstock.com, all rights reserved.