Televangelist Pat Robertson once again added to his list of controversial statements Monday, telling a man that he is "the boss" of the family when a conflict arises between him and his wife over money given to church.

On the latest episode of The 700 Club, Robertson responded to a male viewer's letter about his wife demanding the couple not give more in tithes to their church because of their difficult financial situation. Tithes are the money Christians give from their income to their church as a religious obligation.

"You know big man, you are the boss," he said. "I know people don't want to here that, but you are the high priest of your family and you are the man of the house."

"Now if you're taking her money and she's earning it and you're giving away her money, that's a different matter. But assuming you're the breadwinner, you want to give, that's between you."

Robertson added: "You need to push forward and your wife will come along. But if you're vacillating and she pulls you back, you're not much of a leader. You're supposed to be a leader, you supposed to be the high priest. You supposed to intercede for your family before the Lord. And, as they say, 'Man up.'"

WATCH: Video from The 700 Club, via Right Wing Watch, from April 9, 2012.