It's fair to say that the Trayvon Martin case has divided the blogosphere, in this case into two groups, folks who think George Zimmerman should be arrested and face a fair trial for the shooting death of Trayvon based on evidence and testimony (like myself and the rest of the ABLC crew), and the folks who think justice has already been served when Zimmerman pulled the trigger and that America should just get the hell over it, and that George Zimmerman must be found innocent for Reasons.  If there's an unofficial leader of the latter group, it's Just One Minute's resident"legal eagle", Tom Maguire.

Especially in the week or so, as some more of the physical evidence surrounding the case has been uncovered, Maguire has gone on a mission to rail against the case being tried in the media, then trying Trayvon in the court of his blog, attacking him with all the zeal of a defense lawyer, going after evidence of the route Trayvon took, the people who question the Sanford PD's performance in the case, whom he calls "paranoid", informing us that "Stand Your Ground" affects so few people as to be irrelevant,  laying into the people who have come forward as liars, ripping the 911 call voice analysis as completely useless,  putting the blood of "race riots" in Florida squarely on the shoulders of the media, and finally declaring that everyone supporting Trayvon is a probably a liar.

It's a smokescreen so thick you'd be forgiven for believing Maguire either knew Zimmerman personally or is defending him pro bono, systematically screaming how Zimmerman is being unfairly attacked in the media and that Trayvon's supporters are in serious danger of "beclowning" themselves when the "truth" comes out, then pointing to every angle surrounding the story and saying "But since we don't know for sure..." as proof that it's just a conspiracy to have black people rise up and burn the Sunshine State down to ashes.  Meanwhile, Maguire here is putting out enough smoke to be mistaken for a 30-year old Dodge sedan with a bad crankcase.

Above all, he wants the Trayvon story to desperately end.  I don't know why, he wouldn't have anything to post about otherwise.  But you know what would end the story and defuse your "race riots" (because we're just feral pack animals, really) there Tom?

George Zimmerman's arrest and trial in a court of law.  Meanwhile, Trayvon Martin is still quite dead and really unable to defend himself in said court after being shot my Zimmerman.  That's really not in dispute here.  So there's basically only one question on my mind:  why hasn't that arrest happened yet?

Seems simple enough to me.  But going after the dead kid is much easier, now isn't it?