The conservative group Amer­i­cans for Lim­ited Govern­ment faces a backlash after sending "voter audit" mailers to residents in numerous states.

The mailers showed the residents recent voting history, along with the voting history of some of their neighbors. Many who have received the mailers have complained that it is not only an intrusion of personal privacy, but also incorrect.

"I opened it up and it basically told me what my voting history was and the voting history of four of my neighbors," Indiana resident James Daily told WFIE. "What was shocking to me was it showed that I had voted in the last election, but two years prior to that, I didn't vote and unfortunately that's not correct. I've voted every time in an election because it's my civic duty."

"I’m not sure if they’re try­ing to en­cour­age me to vote, or not to vote, but I’m con­cerned that my neigh­bors are get­ting the same let­ters," Ohio resident Da­nielle Lind­ner told the Toledo Blade.

The group's Facebook page has also been assailed with complaints.

"Enraged and amazed that you don't get that liberty and privacy usually go together. What a sham of an organization; I wouldn't give you a second thought based on your despicable practice of sharing my name, address and voting record with my neighbors and vice versa," Cindy Lomax wrote.

Residents of Florida, Indiana, Missouri and North Carolina have all received the mailers. In the mailer, Amer­i­cans for Lim­ited Govern­ment promises to update their records after the November 6 elections and send out a second mailer "to you and your neighbors with the results."

The group denied it invaded anyone's privacy, noting that the information in the mailers was in the public record. The mailers only show if a resident voted, not who they voted for.

"We firmly believe that people who sit on the sidelines and do not engage in selecting our leaders are abandoning not just their right to a say, but are diminishing everyone's rights," Amer­i­cans for Lim­ited Govern­ment told KKTV.

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