On his show Thursday night, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart lampooned the political theater of the recent hearing on Benghazi.

He noted that Republicans at the hearing asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the same question repeatedly. Whether Clinton read a particular diplomatic cable from deceased Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was asked by at least five Republicans.

"That's a fair point -- that you don't have to all identically make," Stewart remarked. "But you know, you aren't dealing with a rookie here, guys. This ain't Clinton's first go-around at the finger-pointing rodeo. I mean, Clinton is like a finger-pointing Magneto. You come at her and she will turn it around on you."

When criticized for not firing anyone over the leadership failure that led to the deaths of four Americans in Libya, Clinton noted a federal statute prohibited State Department officials from being fired for "unsatisfactory leadership" -- a federal statute she proposed overturning, but that still existed due to congressional inaction. When criticized for not revamping security protocols, Clinton noted she had previously asked Congress for authority to reallocate funds, but lacked that authority due to the Republican-led House.

Meanwhile, Stewart noted that Democrats appeared to have used the hearing to "interview for a future position."

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