Former Rep. Allen West, one of the most outspoken and least effective members of the House in recent years, has a new gig doing an online talk show, where a whole new side of the Florida Republican is coming to light.

Writing for Yahoo! News, reporter Chris Moody spotlights some of the more comical exchanges West has shared of late with co-hosts Michelle Fields and John Phillips, including one quip where he recounted seeing a Calvin Klein advertisement on television featuring a male model. "I was like ewww, you know?" he said.

The subscription-only show is run by Pajamas Media (PJTV), a conservative website that features pay-to-access commentary on the news. West's addition to the PJTV lineup makes him easily the best known among the group, but also the most unpredictable.

In another recent clip highlighted by Moody, West asked his co-hosts if they think he is "an anti-gay person." When they said no, West turned, looked at the camera and said: "But that's what the media will say about me. Bastard."

"I have been out here in LA at the PJ Media headquarters since the 7th of January, and I was still looking for a place to find a nice bowl of grits, but finally the staff turned me on to Rosco's Chicken and Waffles," West explains in an introductory video urging viewers to join him "in standing up for the next generation" by paying up to $29 per month (ostensibly a 51 percent discount) to hear his latest thoughts.

"I had to correct a nice young lady at a nearby lunch stop who wanted to put sprouts on my turkey and swiss sandwich," he said. "I had someone ask me if I wanted to go to a real nice sushi restaurant. I had to tell them, I don't eat bait. Needless to say, it has indeed been interesting being out here in L.A."