Police in Sarasota, Florida arrested a 22-year-old woman on Tuesday for assaulting an ex-boyfriend by violently grabbing and pulling his penis. According to TheSmokingGun.com, Laquavia Sharelle Wallace attacked Antonio Marquis Williams in his home in a dispute over whether or not the couple should resume dating.

Wallace had gone to Williams' residence to pick up their daughter, said a sheriff's report. Williams told police that he and Wallace started arguing when she suggested getting back together.

The arrest report stated that when Williams said he was not interested in resuming a romantic relationship with Wallace, she "grabbed Antonio's penis with her right hand and began pulling on it which caused pain to Antonio. Antonio defended himself by grabbing both the offender's forearms to prevent further violence."

Reportedly, a relative of Williams named Aaron Jacobs witnessed the altercation.

Williams told officers he did not want to file charges, but police took Wallace to the Manatee County Jail where she was charged with misdemeanor battery. She is set to appear in court on May 21.