Georgia state House Rep. Chuck Sims (R-Amrbose) was arrested last week and charged with Driving Under the Influence, his second such arrest in the last three years. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Monday that Sims was arrested and taken into custody shortly before midnight on April 2.

An officer in Coffee County reportedly observed a motorist driving erratically who then accelerated, plowing their vehicle into into the highway shoulder. Sims was arrested and booked into the Coffee County Jail in Douglas, Georgia, then released on $1,487 bond.

In a statement, Sims said, "Just as I do not intend to seek any special treatment, I hope that I am not unfairly pre-judged based on rumor and speculation. I am confident that as facts of this situation are revealed, the interests of justice will be served.”

Sims was arrested for DUI in 2010 by Atlanta police. He is among the state lawmakers who voted in favor of House Bill 861, which mandated drug testing for all Georgians seeking public assistance funding.

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