A Florida woman filmed and shared a video over the weekend featuring a first-person view of her screaming racist insults at Dunkin' Donuts workers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida over a request for free food that was not immediately granted.

The woman, identified by The Smoking Gun as 27-year-old Taylor Chapman, visited the eatery a night prior and demanded to have her meal price refunded when her cashier was slow to hand over a receipt. Another associate asked her to return the next morning and speak with a manager, which supposedly led to the confrontation seen on the video.

"This shit's about to go live, bitch!" Chapman screams at a female employee. "Right on Facebook, 'cause I already posted what your dumb ass did last night, so I hope you're happy with your little fucking sand n---er self... I'm about to nuke your whole fucking planet from Mars. You think ya'll are tough, big fat Arabs bombin' the trade center? I'll show you tough."

She also called the employee "a complete cunt sand n---er whore," and shouted: "I just want my bacon crispy and my people to be nice." Chapman is even heard on the video wishing the footage gets "a million fucking hits," which is likely a low estimate of the views it will get thanks to all the media attention since Monday.

"I literally can't wait to post this on Facebook just as soon as we're done," Chapman continues. "Hi Facebook! This is what you have to do, in life. It fucking sucks. Blow my brains out."

Her Facebook and LinkedIn accounts have subsequently been taken down.

The employee who remained calm and continued talking to the woman throughout the ordeal is 18-year-old Abid Adar, according to The Smoking Gun. He makes $8 an hour.

"We are aware of the video and the situation that occurred at the Dunkin' Donuts restaurant located in Fort Lauderdale," a Dunkin' Donuts spokesperson explained in a prepared statement. "We commend the franchisee's crew member for handling this difficult situation with grace and patience. We believe this is a powerful example of great customer service and the respect our crew members have for our guests."

This video, which contains NSFW language, was published to YouTube on June 8, 2013.