Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin and NewsMax radio host Steve Malzberg on Monday denied that institutional racism was at all responsible for problems within black communities.

Commenting on President Barack Obama's speech last Friday, Rubin suggested that racial prejudice and discrimination no longer existed. It was, in her words, something "that most Americans have never personally experienced."

The higher crime rates in predominately black communities was not the result of centuries of systemic racism, Rubin said. It was because African-Americans had children out of wedlock, used drugs, and didn't take responsibility for their lives.

"It is just mind-boggling and, first of all, he doesn't address the issue of black-on-black crime which is much larger, as you know, and much more of an endemic problem, and he doesn't comment on every black kid that shoots another black kid," she said. "Why is that? He is only interested in cases that can bring up the race issue? What about the number of black kids that are killed every week, every month in Chicago?"

Malzberg said Obama believed dysfunction in the black community was due to America's violent past.

"Exactly," Rubin continued. "You know, the sad part about it, or the disgusting part about it -- however you think of these things -- is that he doesn't address then the current problems, he doesn't address broken families, he doesn't address kids who grow up without fathers, he doesn't address the broken schools, he doesn't address the drug problem, so all of these things are never addressed because its slavery or Jim Crow or whatever, and it is a complete lack of responsibility. I feel like we've gone backwards decades in the race issue."

Her comments were first highlighted by Right Wing Watch on Monday.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below:

(Rubin's comments start around the 1:02:00 mark.)