Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D) informed the nation Sunday on CNN that Rick Perry loves to talk about Rick Perry.

The Republican governor of Texas has attempted to lure businesses away from blue states like New York, California and Illinois by touting the low tax rates and minimal regulation in his own state. On Sunday, Perry called on the Chicago Bulls move to San Antonio.

Illinois has higher taxes than Texas and is currently facing a pension crisis. But Quinn noted despite his state's troubles, Illinois had a lower poverty rate than Texas and did not suffer "industrial accidents" due to a lack of regulations.

"There is quite a difference between Rick Perry and I," he added. "We both went to Iraq and Afghanistan four years ago -- I was his roommate. For seven days, I heard him talk about his favorite subject, Rick Perry. So, we have a good debate going. We have a completely different philosophy but that's what America is all about."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube by CNN, below: