A 30-year-old man died from electrocution early Monday morning while urinating on the subway tracks in a Brooklyn, New York subway station, the New York Post reported.

Police said the victim, Matthew Zeno, and a friend walked onto the tracks while looking for a place to relieve themselves around 3 a.m. Monday when Zeno touched the electrified third rail, sending 625 volts of electricity running through his body.

Zeno's friend, who was not identified, suffered a less severe shock trying to help him, but was able to notify transit workers. Zeno was pronounced dead at a local hospital, while his friend was listed in stable condition.

A 27-year-old Indiana man, Zachary McKee, died under similar circumstances in April 2012. In 2003, the television science show Mythbusters demonstrated that such a death was possible in a reenactment.

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