An Arlington, Texas police officer was listed in critical condition Tuesday afternoon after exchanging gunfire with the 17-year-old boy suspected of killing a 6-year-old girl and leaving her body under a tarp.

KNTV-TV reported that the officer was part of a group of local and federal officials serving arrest and search warrants against Tyler Holder at his home in nearby Saginaw, in connection with the death of Alanna Gallagher. DNA evidence reportedly linked the suspect, who lives two doors down from Gallagher's home, to the crime. Police have not released the injured officer's identity.

Holder allegedly answered the door with a gun in his waistband, pulled it out and opened fire while being served with the warrants. The officer was shot in the leg, but managed to return fire. Holder was taken to the hospital after allegedly being shot in the head.

Gallagher's body was found partially nude under a tarp near her home on July 1. KNTV also reported that her family's car, as well as a small memorial set up on her behalf, were set on fire on July 19, though that has not officially been linked to her killing.

Watch KNTV's report on the double-shooting, aired Tuesday, below.

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