Unsurprisingly, Creation Ministries International doesn't agree with atheist and theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss.

In two videos recently uploaded to YouTube, the organization responded to Krauss's remark in February that teaching creationism to children was a form of abuse.

In the first video, Richard Fangrad said "atheistic fundamentalists" like Krauss didn't want children to learn about anything that could cast doubt on evolution.

He said one of the first to theorize about continental drift, 19th-century geographer Antonio Snider-Pellegrini, was a young Earth creationist, "but mentioning that might offend God-haters like Dr. Krauss, so should teachers leave that bit off since the evolution Nazis have got most people thinking today that there are no creation scientists?"

"Absolutely not," Fangrad continued. "Just because some atheists might be offended by reality doesn't mean we need to bend the truth or teach fairy tales to children."

Fangrad said that evolution should not be taught in biology classes. Instead, the theory of evolution should be relegated to religious classes.

"See, he believes that hydrogen if left around for billions of years turns into people. That's scientific nonsense. It's ridiculous to teach this to children as science. Now, that may belong in a comparative religions class, where you can teach all sorts of varieties of nonsense like the world sits on the back of a tortoise, but that's not science."

In the second video, Calvin Smith said Creation Ministries International agreed that teaching lies to children was a form of abuse. Atheists, however, embraced a way of thinking that "can't define truth" because they don't believe in God. Without God, there could be no absolute moral truth, Smith alleged.

"If you say societies as a whole determine morality, then I guess we could say Hitler was right, couldn't we?"

Smith also said that logic and materialism were incompatible.

"Atheists like Lawrence believe our existence is totally materialistic and want to use logic to show how creationism doesn't make sense," he explained. "But logic isn't made of matter. You can't buy a pound of logic down at the store, Lawrence. Where does an unchanging, universal, non-materialistic entity like logic come from in an evolutionary, constantly-changing, materialist universe?"

Without God, Krauss had no way to explain morality, logic or science itself, Smith said. The theory of evolution was merely the basis of "atheism, irrationality, and nihilism."