Retired Navy chaplain Gordon "Dr. Chaps" Klingenschmitt said in a video released Thursday that Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis (D) is "ruled by a demon of murder" and that she should be prosecuted for her supposed role as a murderer of unborn children. According to Right Wing Watch, the video was from Klingenschmitt's daily Internet-only "Pray in Jesus Name" show.

Davis rose to national prominence when she singlehandedly filibustered Texas Republicans' new, draconian anti-abortion laws, which would largely strip Texas of legal abortion clinics and even make some forms of birth control illegal. People have asked whether Davis intends to run for governor of Texas, a possibility that Klingenschmitt said must not come to pass.

He addressed Davis by way of the camera, pointing to the Ten Commandments from the Bible's Old Testament, particularly "Thou shalt not kill."

"How are you going to be qualified, Wendy?" he asked. "To rule the people of Texas when you yourself are ruled by a demon of murder? Having personally participated in the funding and oversight of so many abortions?"

"Even in Texas!" he exclaimed. "Even where women are 'pro-life.' Even where half of the babies killed are girls."

Klingenschmitt did not elaborate on what places exist where less or more than half of the abortions performed are on male fetuses. Presumably, half of all embryos are female, so it would follow that half of abortions are of female fetuses.

He went on to say that Davis "does not deserve to be the governor of Texas. In fact," he said, "she should be prosecuted herself, probably, for having a hand in, for having facilitated so many abortions in her own state."

"For the innocent killing of children," Klingenschmitt said, "I'm very disappointed in Wendy Davis."

Watch the video, embedded below via Right Wing Watch: