In a discussion on Friday about how marriage equality and LGBT rights are responsible for gang violence in Chicago and the collapse of society, Fox News contributor and American Family Association radio host Sandy Rios and anti-LGBT evangelical pastor Erwin Lutzer compared the love LGBT couples feel for each other to pedophilia, rape and the feelings Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro had toward the women he imprisoned and abused.

Lutzer was discoursing on a popular anti-LGBT theme, that people may feel attractions and longings for people other than their opposite sex, but "that does not mean we can simply follow our desires wherever they lead us. You know, a pedophile, I'm sure, says that he loves children. As a matter of fact he does, but you can see how destructive that love is."

Once love is no longer defined as feelings between a man and a woman, Lutzer said, "we end up where we are ending up today, with a great slide in morality, the destruction of the family, the confusion that children grow up with."

Rios agreed with Lutzer's sentiments, saying, "You know, the gentleman that was just sentenced yesterday for holding those women hostage in Ohio, and molesting them for years and doing terrible things to them, his defense was that he 'loved' his family, he 'loved' his child that was born out of one of the rapes that he did of one of those women. He 'loved' and he couldn't understand. He said, 'I'm not a monster.'"

Listen to audio of Rios and Lutzer's remarks, embedded below via Right Wing Watch:

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