On Thursday night, Current TV host John Fugelsang made light of Rush Limbaugh's recent ratings dive and his difficulties with the radio broadcasting giant Cumulus Media, which is considering dropping the veteran AM radio talker.

"I kind of want to be serious for a second, if that’s okay," Fugelsang began. "Like many of you watching, I was shocked to hear of how “The Rush Limbaugh Show” is dying in the ratings. One trade publication called it 'the end of right-wing, conservative talk radio.'”

He continued, "And the reason, of course, is that Rush Limbaugh has scared away more sponsors than Lindsay Lohan did at Betty Ford. Forty-eight of the top 50 advertisers exclude the Limbaugh show now from their radio ad buys."

But, because comedians and satirists need someone to deride, Fugelsang said, Rush cannot be allowed to fade off the airwaves altogether. He issued an appeal to advertisers.

"Hello, are you a small business owner looking to reach a wider audience of xenophobic, woman-hating, aging, bitter white guys with impacted colons, but don’t think you have the resources to do so?" he asked. "Have you dreamed of a professional association with an obese, hate-driven bigot who reaches a wide audience of obese, hate-driven bigots who automatically nod at everything he says, even if that nod makes the dangling string of drool drip on the clicker?"

Then advertise on Limbaugh's show now, he said.

"Advertising on the Limbaugh show will bring untold wealth, riches and incredible luxury — to Rush Limbaugh," Fugelsang explained. "Believe it or not, he needs your business,Those Viagra-packed weekends in the Dominican Republic don’t pay for themselves. The sexual tourism industry of the entire Third World is depending on you."

Watch the video, embedded below via Current TV: