Thursday night on The Daily Show, John Oliver "tidied things up" for Jon Stewart by following up on some of the previous stories he had covered.

One such story was the continuing sexual harassment scandal involving San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. Oliver joked that Filner looked like "the Joker" from Batman.

"Now, that might seem like a cruel joke about someone's appearance," he remarked. "In my defense, f*ck this guy. Over a dozen female employees have accused Filner of unwanted sexual advances, but now it seems his misdeeds may not have stopped there."

Oliver noted that Filner also allegedly used taxpayer money to take vacations, pay an online reputation firm, and purchase a juicer. In addition, it was revealed that one of the people harassed by Filner was a military rape victim.

"That may be the single worst sentence I have heard all summer," Oliver said. "If I may, I would like to do a quick impression of Bob Filner's reputation manager after hearing that sentence: 'Ok, f*ck this, you can have your $3,000 back, life's too short you piece of sh*t."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below: