The Daily Show host John Oliver angrily condemned The Discovery Channel on Wednesday night for tricking people into believing a massive prehistoric shark was still alive.

The channel's launched "Shark Week" this weekend by showing a special about scientists hunting for a 67-foot-long megalodon shark.

"Wow. The Discovery Channel actually discovered something," Oliver said. "They found an actual, living, previously-thought-to-be-extinct megalodon. They're going to get some kind of Nobel prize for fishing or something from this."

Though the two-hour special was presented as a documentary, it was in fact a fictional dramatization. The Discovery Channel only flashed a brief disclaimer at the ends of the show. The megalodon has been extinct for millions of years.

"You faked a two-hour sharkgasm and your disclaimer was three seconds at the end?" Oliver remarked.

"You know no one saw those blinking lights at the bottom of the screen, don't you? Because before the end of that show they were too busy calling their families to say, 'Get the hell out of the ocean! Get out of the swimming pool! Get out of the bathtub! There's a monster shark! There's a monster shark!"

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below: