The Pennsylvania police chief who attracted attention for his profanity-laden videos featuring him cursing local and federal officials while wielding firearms agreed on Friday to extend his suspension without pay indefinitely until his lawyer can meet with his local city council.

The Patriot-News reported on Friday that the Gilberton City Council voted unanimously to keep Mark Kessler on suspension for "using borough property for non-borough purposes without prior borough permission" until they can meet with his attorney, Joseph Nahas, citing a scheduling conflict for scuttling a planned Aug. 30 meeting.

The meeting was to be held four days after video surfaced of Kessler shooting at a picture of a clown he called "libtard Eric," after council vice-president Eric Boxer. Council president Daniel Malloy was also reportedly represented in another of Kessler's targets in the video.

Kessler told the Los Angeles Times his videos -- which include him shooting at pictures he identified as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Secretary of State John Kerry -- constitute peaceful political speech.

But while he has attracted supporters, at least one activist group, Keystone Progress, told the Times it had collected more than 23,000 signatures on a petition calling for him to be fired, saying Kessler's supporters may retaliate with violence if the council moves to oust him.

"You can't have a police chief that intimidates at least half of the population," Keystone Progress executive director Michael Morrill said to the Times.

[Image via KTXF-TV]