On Wednesday night's edition of "The Colbert Report," host Stephen Colbert welcomed actor Kevin Spacey, who is currently starring in the Netflix original series "House of Cards" as a Democratic congressman from Stephen Colbert's home state of South Carolina.

Colbert began by asking how "House of Cards" got nominated for nine Emmy awards when it's not even a TV show, but an Internet show.

"Why should you get an award for TV when you're not on TV?" Colbert asked. "What do you want next, a Heisman?" (The Heisman trophy is awarded each year for outstanding achievements in college football.)

Spacey replied that "it's where things are going." People "binge on shows" now, he said, and with "House of Cards," they can watch as many episodes at a time as they like, "They want to binge on all 13, they can. They want to watch two, they can. They want to watch none, like you," he said, indicating Colbert, "they don't have to."

Colbert pointed out that Spacey's character represents South Carolina's 5th District, Gaffney. "He's a Democrat. You're a white Democrat from South Carolina, is this the show that's got the dragons in it, too? This seems like fantasy to me."

"Look, it's obviously a fictional show," Spacey countered, "because it's also a Congress that gets shit done."

Watch the interview, embedded below via Comedy Central:

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