A Florida man attacked his mother and her boyfriend with knives and a samurai sword after an argument about a missing can of shrimp. The Orlando Sentinel reported that 34-year-old Jayson Laughman is in custody after the attack, which took place Saturday morning in Volusia County, FL.

Michael Airhart, 52, Laughman's mother's boyfriend told police that the dispute began around 8:30 in the morning after he accused Laughman of taking a can of shrimp. A "heated verbal argument" followed in which the two men agreed to take it outside and fight it out.

Once outside, Laughman threatened to beat Airhart with a piece of statuary, but the fight didn't progress past that point. Airhart said that he went inside thinking that the confrontation was over.

Laughman said that he remembers nothing of what followed because he "went into code red and lost his temper," according to a police report. His mother and Airhart were in her room with the door closed watching television when Laughman used a samurai sword to break down the door.

Once inside the room, he began to throw kitchen knives at Airhart, who escaped unharmed through a sliding glass door.

During police questioning, Laughman began to complain of chest pains. Police personnel took him to Florida Fish Memorial Hospital, where he remains under police guard. Sheriff's deputies arrested him and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon.

[image of man wielding samurai sword via Shutterstock.com]