A California teacher and longtime harp player was left stunned after burglars broke into her home and took nothing but some jewelry and eight of her harps, including six that she used as part of a therapy program for local cancer patients.

"Those instruments are so beautiful," Lisa Stine told KOVR-TV in an interview aired Friday. "I think that maybe they were just struck by that. Who knows."

Stine said nothing else was broken in her Nevada City home. The Nevada County Union reported on Thursday that Stine, an English-as-a-Second-Language teacher by trade, bought 20 harps for cancer patients, survivors and their loved ones to use at the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital as part of a support group she has led there for the past 15 years. Another one of the harps taken is no longer made, but had been in Stine's collection for 20 years.

According to the Union, a friend visiting Stine's home to water her plants noticed the back door was open, then called Stine, who was at the Bay Area for the birth of her fourth grandchild. The burglary is thought to have occurred between Aug. 23 and Aug. 28.

After word spread locally about the incident, Stine told the Union that at least 30 harpists from around the world have offered to lend her one so she can continue playing. And Joanna Newsom, a private student of Stine's who has gone on to pursue a recording career, has offered to play a fundraising concert on her behalf.

Watch KOVR's report on the theft of Stine's harps, aired Friday, below.