Christian radio host Bryan Fischer sounded off in a round of denial of climate change on his show on Friday, arguing that the only thing mankind can do to influence the weather is to pray.

"It is dumb, dumb, dumb," Fischer ranted. "It is stupid, stupid, stupid. It is ignorant, ignorant, ignorant to think that there is anything that man can do to control the climate through human behavior. Because the scripture says, 'Whatever Yahweh pleases, He does.'"

Right Wing Watch, which posted video of Fischer's diatribe, also reported that he argued that God "struck down" Native Americans in order to facilitate the establishment of the United States by Christians.

"You want to do something about the climate, you want to do something about the weather, there is only one thing that we can do to affect climate and to affect weather, and that is to pray to Yahweh -- the one who does whatever He pleases, with regard to the climate and regard to the weather."

Watch Fischer's protest against science, posted by Right Wing Watch on Friday, below.