Video of the savage beating of a former Marine who stood up to three men bullying a 14-year-old child in Palm Beach, Florida earlier this year has gone viral.

Wen Jones, 43, of Jupiter, Fla., required surgery for fracture under his eye after confronting the three beach bullies who had been taunting and harassing 55-year-old LeRoy Wright Jr. and the man's 14-year-old son Zion on May 19, according to the Florida Sun-Sentinel. Jones approached the men as it appeared that they were about to attack the pair, and they turned on him instead. A bystander captured the melee on cell phone video.

Police charged three men -- Cody Moore Roon, Tyler Dylan Carswell and Eric Michael Deiter, all from Palm Beach County -- with aggravated battery after the attack, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Jones, a former Marine and father of two, told the Sun-Sentinel that he would probably do it again, despite the severe injuries.

Watch the video below.